Are you a RMT or a healthcare professional wanting to use taping and bracing to support your pregnant clients through pain and discomfort? Join our full day workshop waitlist and keep up to date when a workshop is happening near you..

Why Taping and bracing?

Research shows that taping & bracing a client is superior then your pregnant women wearing pregnancy support belts. The support belts can restrict movement of the baby where using K-tape allows full movement of mom and baby.
Using K-tape has more positive effects on clients symptoms where the support belt only aids in one symptom..

What you need to know/Included:

  • Full day workshop using K-T tape to support pregnancy bellies: Including indications, contraindications, covering the most common aches and ailments of a pregnancy.
  • Follow-up virtual workshop (date TBA), for additional questions and support to assist you in aiding your client
  • RMT or other health care practitioners are welcome. No taping and bracing experience necessary.
  • Depending on your governing body, you may be able to claim continuing education credits. In which I can provide a certificate of hours completed.
  • You will be provided with a handout for the workshop
  • All supplies, including tape will be provided.
  • Depending on location, you're encouraged and welcome to bring a pregnant client for demonstration.
  • Come ready to practice on your partner, dress comfortably. Providing we don't get enough pregnant volunteers.
  • Snacks

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