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    What you will find inside....

    • Learn how to identify and help prevent colic and gas, giving you the confidence and tools you need as a caring parent.
    • Learn how a babies latch can be a culprit to having accessive gas. In most cases allowing them to take in to much air while feeding.
    • Tongue tied? did your doctor check. Learn how to reconized the different types of tongue ties as this can also be a large issue when it comes to baby having to work to hard creating a very cranky baby.
    • Discover the best foods to feed yourself as a mom in order to support babies growth, digestion and overall comfort. Find out what foods you are eating as a mom that are hard for baby to digest when it comes to breastfeeding.
    • Bonus: The differene signs between Colic and GERD. As Gerd is offered over diagnosed with its colic and sometimes coilic is diagnose when its actually GERd.

    A detailed guide to have a deeper understanding of the difference between just gas or colic